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Unleash your dog's inner beauty at Fluff and Fetch, where grooming is an artistry of love and care.

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Welcome to Fluff and Fetch!

At Fluff and Fetch, we believe every pooch deserves to strut their fluff! Our grooming parlor is not just about snips and clips, it's a magical retreat for your furry companions. Let us pamper your pup with our blend of professional care and whimsical flair right here in Staunton, Virginia.

About us

Where Passion Meets Precision: Meet Jessica Craun, our lead groomer and canine stylist extraordinaire! With a dash of love and a sprinkle of passion, Jessica transforms grooming into a fine art. Our salon is a haven where stress scampers away, and every tail wags with joy. We're not just grooming — we're creating masterpieces one fur baby at a time!

We offer a peaceful grooming environment in Staunton, Virginia after success in Huntsville, Alabama. Our salon caters to all dogs, focusing on a stress-free experience for pets, including elderly and anxious ones. We provide comprehensive grooming, specialized services for show dogs, and gentle care for sensitive pets. Visit our FAQ or book an appointment every 4-6 weeks to ensure your dog looks and feels great. Trust us for top-notch grooming and customer service.

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Why us?

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Calm and comforting environment

We prioritize creating a serene and soothing atmosphere for every dog, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Experienced groomer with show dog background

Bringing expertise and precision to our services, we prioritize proper conditioning and presentation for exceptional results.

Safe and positive grooming experience

We prioritize the well-being and happiness of both dogs and owners during our grooming appointments.

Exceptional customer service and attention to detail

We provide outstanding customer service, personalized attention, and care to meet individual needs, making our customers feel valued and satisfied.

Unleash Your Pup's Style!

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Reviews - Barks of Approval

The letter N

Nicole Canon

The best groomer - hands down! My dog can be tricky and has straight refused to return to some groomers but she is always so happy to see Jess at Fluff and Fetch. I know she is in good hands every time and she always looks and feels so good after!

The letter V

Vanessa Brown

Excellent experience for my 4 terriers. Calm, clean, colorful environment with friendly, patient staff. Will definitely go back & highly recommend!

The letter A

Abigail Norman

The best groomer!! I took my 5 month old golden doodle and Jess did an amazing job. Teddy looks perfect. She took her time, and made sure my requests were done accurately. She is very professional, and I would recommend her to anyone. She is amazing!

Fluff and Fetch is a professional dog grooming salon in Staunton, VA, providing exceptional grooming services in a calm and comforting environment.

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310 Kalorama St,

Staunton, VA 24401